15 Essential Leadership Skills Everyone Should Develop To Better Handle Change

Impact Coaches – Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel

Business leaders need to be able to handle times of change. Whether they’re facing an internal issue or an external shift in the industry, they must be able to lead their employees through any circumstance. To do this successfully, managers and executives must actively cultivate various key leadership skills throughout their careers.

We asked the members of Forbes Coaches Council which essential leadership skills everyone should develop and why.

3. ‘Pulse-Taking’

Leaders should work on ensuring they have a good sense of the “pulse” of the organization. Change works when people are ready and engaged. The best leaders are always talking to people at all levels so they have a sense of readiness for change, as well as reactions to change. This allows leaders to course correct and ensure changes are well-implemented.

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Impact Coaches – Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel

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