Partners or Sales Leads

We have a proven approach to help your partners and sales leads be better at business development.

We have a variety of innovative coaching programs.

We truly partner with you to understand your business, your strategic objectives, and your need for coaching.

New Partner Accelerator

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Impact Coaches – Coaching – New Partner Accelerator

You’re a new partner and you need help leading your team and reaching your business development targets.

How We Can Help

Improve your skills for sustainable success (business development, team effectiveness, executive presence, communications) to ensure you hit the ground running.

The Program

We optimize the success of your new partners in their first year. We can work with each partner individually or facilitate peer networks to help them learn and develop together.

In this program, we help new partners excel quickly in their new role and ensure they reach their business development targets.


Heightened ability of new partners to take on their new role.
Enhanced cross functional collaboration.
Structured process and consistent approach for everyone.
Partner goals aligned with the overall business strategy.
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Key Account Lead and Team Accelerator

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Impact Coaches – Coaching – Key Account Lead and Team Accelerator

You need to grow your key account but don’t know how to leverage your team effectively.

How We Can Help

Enhance the sales capability of you and your team, and increase overall sales.

The Program

We have a proven program that works with sales leads to maximize their opportunity for success and increase their key account team’s collective impact on the client relationship.

This program supports sales leads and their teams to build more clarity around their sales account targets and objectives, and create and execute on their individual and team action plan.


More effective and seasoned key sales leads.
Sustained leadership strength for the business.
More effective teams with increased collaboration on key accounts.
Maximized opportunities that results in new revenue.
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