Why Your Organization Needs a High Potential Accelerator Program

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Many organizations wait too long before thinking about succession. But there’s a sizeable demographic of senior leaders transitioning out of the workforce over the next five to ten years. And an equally significant demographic of young, high potentials who have missed out on mentorship and coaching during the last three years of the pandemic.

Bridging the gap between these two groups is going to be a critical endeavor for many organizations today. That’s where implementing Impact’s High Potential Accelerator program (HPA) can help.

Focus on your strongest, most productive people

High potentials are individuals in your organization who are your most productive. They demonstrate the greatest capability and strength for future leadership roles. They’re smart, dedicated, and passionate about their work.

Our HPA program focuses your efforts on accelerating the growth of these individuals so they can contribute to the organization more substantially – right now and throughout their careers. It gives them a chance to self-reflect, learn from senior leaders, gain confidence, build a valuable network, create a clearer path forward, and develop a stronger connection to the organization. And it supports succession planning and retention by investing in and working with your very top people as early as possible.

And it’s achievable no matter the size of your organization. Whether you identify two high potentials or 20, a focused HPA program can help ensure you maintain your current growth, productivity, and success well into the future.

HPA case study: stepping up and recommitting to the organization

We worked recently with a national professional services firm to support their high potentials in stepping up in their current roles and recommitting to the organization and its future.

The client selected a group of about 10 high potential managers and senior managers who are viewed as potential future leaders of the organization. These individuals are also at critical points in their careers, where they’re considering what path to take next. We brought each participant through an 18-month HPA program including:

  1. Personalized assessments to help them uncover their strengths and weaknesses as a key starting point.

  2. Senior-level coach who met with each participant once a month to help address personal growth challenges and areas where each participant needed the most support.

  3. Senior level mentor within the firm who met with each participant 6 to 12 times a year. Mentors challenged their mentees to push their boundaries in a supportive environment including completing missions and sharing stories to help accelerate their growth.

  4. Group discussions with fellow HPA program participants, facilitated by mentors and coaches, covering everything from resilience to vision.

Participants had the opportunity to focus on and prioritize personal growth

The high potentials were very positive about the program. They felt valued and recognized, and they appreciated receiving focused attention from the firm in such a comprehensive and meaningful way.

They reported improved confidence and increased visibility within the firm, which allowed them to take advantage of the additional access to leadership. Participants felt the program was above all a great source of recognition and awareness of their position within the firm. They appreciated that the program gave them the opportunity to focus on and prioritize personal growth. And they felt the HPA program allowed them to take more ownership of their career paths.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the benefits they received from the HPA program:

Improved Strategic thinking

  • “I am less tactical now in my thinking and actions. I am better at aligning my vision with the bigger picture of what the business needs.”
  • “I learned to understand some parts of the business better, especially the ones I didn’t usually gravitate towards. This has allowed me to make better informed, quicker and more well-rounded decisions.”

Improved time management and delegation

  • “I own a better routine and schedule now which allows me to work smarter and more effectively.”
  • “I am more aware of when I am stressed, and why that is. I now have a greater capacity to take a step back, and delegate in those moments rather than push through like I used to.”

Increased confidence and visibility

  • “I am much more confident when speaking with clients and working with them on my own.”
  • “Because of the connections made by my mentor and my cultivation of these connections, I along with my practice are more visible and present in the region.”

Contact us to find out how your people and organization can benefit from Impact’s HPA program.

Impact Coaches Inc. – Articles

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