Why Connecting Your People to Your Organization’s Purpose Can Be a Game Changer – Especially Now

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Purpose is an organization’s reason for being. It inspires its people and acts as the glue that connects them to how they can contribute to the organization’s success. So that no matter what our role is, we’re all focused on a shared outcome that we’re all passionate about. And everyone understands how they can make a difference.

Purpose hasn’t been a priority for organizations throughout the pandemic. Maintaining the business, keeping the lights on, ensuring everyone has a job – that’s been the focus. But it’s time for businesses to reset and communicate their purpose. It’s what helps people feel they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

And it’s what all organizations need now, more than ever, as we move out of the pandemic. To take the time to think and remind ourselves about who we are. Where we came from. How we all fit in.

Engaging everyone in the collective journey forward

It’s why we at Impact looked collectively at our purpose during a recent in-person team strategy meeting in Toronto. We talked about why we do what we do, and then asked our people what Impact means to them.

Impact’s purpose is to really lift people and organizations through coaching. Equally important is having our staff develop in their roles and as individuals.

That’s why it was critical for us to get everyone together after being apart the last two and a half years. For new members of the team to meet everyone else. To reconnect to our purpose and our culture.

All it took was one day – and it’s been a game changer. Our people are asking more questions and thinking about why they’re doing what they’re doing. They’re giving themselves permission to make mistakes and taking more risks to stretch and grow. They’re making suggestions, taking more ownership, and really elevating their work.

It’s the kind of transformation a strong sense of purpose can achieve. And it’s an example of how we can engage people in our collective journey forward out of the pandemic. Because together is the only way we’re going to succeed.

Impact Coaches Inc. – Articles

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