Leadership, Development, and Coaching Trends 2022

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We feel fortunate to have been able to speak to thousands of senior leaders as they faced the unique challenges 2022 presented. We often talk about the trends we’re seeing with our clients and this year we decided to share them more broadly. We hope this will be the first of many annual reviews that highlight the insights we’ve gathered about what’s on the minds of today’s leaders, how coaching helped contribute to their success, and what’s next on the horizon.

Included in the Report

  • 2022: Impact’s year in review
  • Trends and constants
  • How the pandemic impacted leaders’ talent strategies
  • The biggest challenges leaders see in the current landscape
  • Where leaders are spending their time right now
  • What leaders see as the evolution of teams
  • Why leaders are turning to coaching and assessments for themselves and their teams
  • From hybrid leadership development to wellness coaches: The coaching trends we’re seeing
  • The Impact coaching programs clients are using most to help meet their challenges

Download the Report

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Impact Coaches Inc. – Articles

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