The Last Three Years Changed A Lot: Why Businesses Need To Invest In Getting Better At Work

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An Impact Retrospective

We’re grateful to have been able to speak to and help thousands of senior leaders as they tackled the many challenges of the pandemic. Those conversations represent a true pulse of what leaders were thinking at the time and inspired us to see what learnings we could unravel from our work and insights of the last three years. To find some benefits and opportunities we can all use to grow as leaders.

We’re optimistic everyone can apply what we’ve all collectively learned from COVID and put it into practice going forward. So we can be better, kinder, more successful – and happier. So we can all evolve and develop with greater integrity, authenticity, prosperity, and promise.

Employers and employees dealt with a lot over the past three years. The workplace underwent a full on transformation, creating changes on both sides of the workplace equation. Throughout it all, Impact provided articles about what we were hearing from leaders. We created this retrospective report to help you reflect on what you were thinking at the time.

Included in the Retrospective

  • There’s no going back
  • Our Impact
  • Year One: Navigating the pandemic’s impact on the workforce
  • Year Two: Adapting to the evolving work landscape
  • Year Three: Balancing the hybrid work environment
  • So, what now?
  • How Impact can help you face the future, stronger

An Impact Retrospective

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Impact Coaches Inc. – Articles

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