15 Questions Entrepreneurs Need To Answer Before Quitting Their Jobs

Impact Coaches – Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel

Whether you have a growing side hustle or are dreaming of starting your own business, you may be thinking about quitting your current job to focus on your new company full-time. While this is an exciting step, it should never be taken without careful consideration.

The experienced business and career coaches of Forbes Coaches Council have helped many clients successfully make the leap to entrepreneurship. Below, they share 15 critical questions to ask yourself before you quit your job to launch your own business.

6. ‘Do I like selling?’

The first question you should ask is how much you like selling. People who start businesses usually need to sell their products, at least until they are big enough to afford a sales team. Without sales, you have no business. The second question you should ask is how hard you like to work. Successful entrepreneurs work very hard.

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Impact Coaches – Forbes Coaches Council Expert Panel

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