Top 7 Resources to Support Leaders Through the Upcoming Re-Entry Stage

Here’s a few resources we found to help leaders as they build strategies for the next phase of COVID-19:

1. We Need a New Social Contract for the Coronavirus, The New York Times

Everyone wants to get back to work, school and together again as soon as possible. On Friday, the Trump administration announced it wants to do that in phases and allow each governor to make the decision when and how to reopen.

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2. How’s Canada’s Workforce Feeling? Depends Which Industry You Ask, LinkedIn

As lockdowns and stay-at-home orders continue to rock the Canadian business landscape, confidence among Canadian workers remains low but still not outright negative, according to LinkedIn’s latest Workforce Confidence Index.

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3. Home as Refuge, Fewer Reusables, Less Privacy: The Consumer Trends Emerging From Coronavirus Lockdowns, The Wall Street Journal

New market research finds dramatic shifts in consumer values and behavior as life gets turned on its head. Just three months after releasing its forecast of this year’s biggest global consumer trends, market researcher Euromonitor International on Monday updated its predictions

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4. What the Workplace Stands to Gain and Lose in a Post-Coronavirus World, Quartz

When the Covid-19 pandemic winds down, it will have left an indelible mark on the workplace. Already, millions of people around the globe are learning to work from home, and figuring out how to stay productive and connected as they do it.

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5. Responding To COVID-19. Ten Lessons From The World’s HR Leaders, Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst

This week we had a webcast with more than 2,000 participants and spent 90 minutes listening to seven of the world’s leading HR executives. The overall theme was clear: there is no going back. The COVID-19 crisis is not only disruptive to every company, but it has created a “Big Reset” as I describe it.

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6. Key Learnings from COVID-19, Zabeen Hirji, Executive Advisor Future of Work, Deloitte

I sat down with Nancy Chahwan, CHRO Government of Canada on Deloitte’s weekly #Covid19 HR leaders call. Key takeaways…

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7. The Key Takeaway From Senior HR Leaders in our COVID-19 Roundtables, Mardi Walker, Executive Counselor at McLean & Company

Over the past four weeks, on behalf of McLean & Company, I have had the pleasure of leading several industry round tables with senior HR leaders. Over 60 organizations from throughout North America have participated so far and we have many more scheduled over the next few weeks.

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