Tip of the week

Welcome to our Tip Tuesday blog posts—where we share a top coaching tip, strategy, or interesting article.
This week we’re sharing a tip around communication. Through our coaching work, we often hear about bad habits that people struggle within the workplace when it comes to speaking. A common one is beating around the bush.

When someone is rambling too much, it’s hard to follow their train of thought. This can be frustrating for leaders who are short on time and would prefer a clear, direct approach—you risk losing their attention. Rather than delving into a long explanation first, try making your point up front and then explain in more detail if further clarification is required. Start with “Here’s the deal…” and put it out there. If you tend to be less assertive in nature, you may have to work on building up your confidence to be able to do this, but having the courage to state your position off the bat is an effective way to influence others and is a good communication skill to master.

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