Thinking Strategically During Times of Uncertainty

Thank you to everyone who attended our third #AskIMPACT session, ‘Thinking Strategically During Times of Uncertainty.’
Host: Lisa McArthur

Key Learnings from the Session:

  • Consciously shift your mindset when thinking strategically. Take on a growth mindset and have an attitude of curiosity. Connect broadly with strategic alliances that will help you get different perspectives. Think about what value you are providing to others to get you thinking about solving problems.
  • Be mindful when creating time to think strategically. Determine when you are typically more focused to be strategic and book a time every week then. Be very intentional in your practice. Find ways to help you get into the ‘space’. Set objectives for yourself so you can use that time productively.
  • Stretch your brain and reframe issues. Try out the 5 whys, 6 hats or SWOT analysis to get your thinking going and put yourself in the mindset to take on a different perspective.
  • Engage your team when you want to think strategically. Take advantage of all the virtual tools out there to create the right setting. Make sure to plan, be clear on why you want to bring the team together and the outcomes you want. Use questions, not statements, to engage the team and encourage them to think strategically.
  • Now, more than ever, is the time to be strategic. With so many fundamental changes going on, it is critical to think about what we need to do differently and the implications it will have on your business and team.

Stay tuned for our next #AskIMPACT session.

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