3 Key Leadership Questions to Answer Now

The COVID-19 crisis is profoundly impacting how we feel, think, live and work, all of which is of concern to leaders as they seek to protect and nurture their teams. While we like to think we know our people well, the truth is that the crisis has raised issues that we have never had to think about before.

Working virtually is challenging enough. Doing so because the world is in a crisis heightens the challenge. Leadership is about containing anxiety, and now is an opportunity for you to lean in and step up. Ask your team members what they need and how they are, and do so frequently and regularly. Because many people are proud and may not admit to struggling, be proactive —offer support and a listening ear — and surprise and delight them from time to time. Invest time and money in over-communicating and in creating a (virtual) environment where people can work effectively, productively and happily.

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