Setting The Standard Of Leading By Example In Your Organization

When it comes to diversity programs, I’ve found that while many are well-intentioned, they don’t address the behavioral changes needed to give credence to the work experiences of marginalized groups.

Sales Has Changed Forever: How To Move Beyond Relationship-Building

Even before Covid-19 radically changed how people do business, the days when building relationships was a primary sales and business development strategy were waning.

Understanding The Key Tenets Of Coaching

Professionals have long sought excellence through a variety of methods including training, mentorship and coaching. Coaches work on a wide variety of complex skills like executive leadership and address common goals, such as wanting to have a better presence in meetings, by working with individuals one-on-one to harness their personal strengths and tackle their unique limiting beliefs.

15 Safe Ways To Have Fewer Mandatory Employee Meetings

The goal of any team meeting is to share information, have valuable discussions and get everyone on the same page. However, surveys consistently show that employees feel meetings waste too much time that could be spent on more productive efforts.

14 Smart Ways For Greener Employees To Be Seen As Leaders At Work

Early on in your career, you may struggle to be viewed as a leader by more experienced co-workers. Thankfully, there are smart ways for greener employees to establish themselves as leaders at work while building trusting, respectful relationships with more seasoned colleagues.

15 Questions Entrepreneurs Need To Answer Before Quitting Their Jobs

Whether you have a growing side hustle or are dreaming of starting your own business, you may be thinking about quitting your current job to focus on your new company full-time. While this is an exciting step, it should never be taken without careful consideration.

How To Successfully Lead Teams Through Work-From-Home To Work-From-Anywhere

According to a new study from Pew Research, more than half of people who have been able to work from home (WFH) during the pandemic do not want to return to the office full time once the pandemic is over.

It’s Time For Organizations To Ascend The Pandemic’s Change Curve

It’s Time For Organizations To Ascend The Pandemic’s Change Curve by Sandra Oliver, Forbes Councils Member.

15 Essential Leadership Skills Everyone Should Develop To Better Handle Change

Business leaders need to be able to handle times of change. Whether they’re facing an internal issue or an external shift in the industry, they must be able to lead their employees through any circumstance.

How To Safely And Strategically Bring Employees Back To The Office

As we enter the tail end of summer, nations around the world are debating whether or not to send their children back to school in the middle of a pandemic.

Lost Your Job? 16 Important Things To Keep In Mind

The loss of a job can sometimes feel like the end of the world, especially in this uncertain economy. You cannot know for sure when you will have another employment opportunity and if that opportunity will align with your skills and experience.

The New Normal Is Not Normal (But You Can Still Work Through It)

Before COVID-19, anxiety disorders affected 18.1% of American adults. However, according to a recent survey, levels of clinical anxiety have jumped to 40% during the pandemic.

How Leaders Can Save Their Businesses And Avoid Burnout At The Same Time

The current pandemic has seriously strained international healthcare systems and burnout threatens doctors and nurses on the frontlines. Business leaders are at similar risk.

Leading A Business? Get Organized In These 16 Key Areas

A successful executive must be able to simultaneously oversee and manage multiple areas of the company. It can be challenging to ensure that all departments are running smoothly and receive the focus they need.

3 Key Leadership Questions to Answer Now

The COVID-19 crisis is profoundly impacting how we feel, think, live and work, all of which is of concern to leaders as they seek to protect and nurture their teams. While we like to think we know our people well, the truth is that the crisis has raised issues that we have never had to think about before.

Four Ways Coaching Can Be Useful Amid Organizational Change

When I tell people that I am a coach and that I run a coaching firm, their first reaction is often something like, “Oh I know someone who can use your help.” I hear stories about people dealing with bad bosses, people who hate their jobs, people who really want a promotion but haven’t yet gotten one, the list goes on.

How To Preserve Morale While Setting Up An Effective Whistleblower Process

Each year, the coaches in my company speak with many leaders who have been involved in a whistle blowing process. The trend seems to be growing as more companies are adopting whistle blowing processes and more staff are becoming inclined to use them.

The Five-Step Approach To Fixing Employee Morale

Picture this: You’re a leader and you just received your employee attitude survey back. You scan through the results and your heart sinks — all you see are sad faces, negative slopes, dropped scores and red, lots of red. All you want to do is turn things around, but where do you start?

Sandra Oliver, Impact-Coaches Inc. accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

Toronto, ON — Founder Sandra Oliver, Impact-Coaches Inc., a recognized leader in business coaching, has been accepted into Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches.