Sophie Tanguay

Executive Coach
  • Toronto & Ottawa, ON | Montreal, QC

Coaching Specialty:

  • Coaching leaders to establish their vision, strategies, and plan for their business with clear objectives
  • Working with teams to gain better awareness and increase team effectiveness
  • Assessment expert (certified in various assessment tools)
  • Helping leaders get promoted to their next role
  • Helping women break through the ‘glass ceiling’

Industry Specialization:

  • Professional/financial services
  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Mining
  • Telecommunications


Sophie Tanguay has worked as a Leadership Coach for the past 20 years. She has global experience working with executives, high potential and emerging leaders, as well as professional level coaches across many industries and functional disciplines. Prior to working as a Coach, Sophie was the Vice President of Human Resources for a global provider of logistics solutions. Her 12 years of corporate HR experience includes mergers and acquisitions, and implementation of large outsourcing initiatives where she was mandated to integrate new employees at national and international levels.

As a Coach, Sophie helps leaders gain insight into the effectiveness of their leadership and the resulting influence on their team performance. She has a proven track record in working with individuals to address communication challenges, build their influential skills, strengthen their coaching abilities, and build effective relationships across their organizations. She also thrives in helping individuals develop career management strategies to assist them in positioning themselves for their next role.

Sophie holds a Bachelor’s degree, specializing in Psychology from Concordia University in Montreal. She also obtained an Executive Coaching Certification from Royal Roads University in Victoria. Sophie leverages her expertise in a variety of assessment tools, namely the Birkman Method, Hogan Leadership Inventory, MBTI, Team Management Profile, and 360 assessments. She is also fluently bilingual in both English and French.

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