#AskIMPACT Recap: Best Practices for Effective Virtual Meetings

As a leader, it is important to better understand what challenges exist today when it comes to meetings and communications with your teams. This begins with deliberate thought around planning and running your meetings.

In the next #askIMPACT live, we’ll be sharing practical tips on how leaders can make virtual meetings more impactful and effective for everyone involved.

Topic #5: Effective Virtual Meetings & Best Practices

Host: Dana Zorbas & Nisa Krongold, Impact Coaches
When: Tuesday, July 7th @ 11:30 am ET
Where: Zoom (register below)


  1. What are the top challenges you are hearing from leaders right now in regards to holding effective virtual meetings?
  2. As a leader, what should you be thinking of in advance of your meetings to help optimize them?
  3. How can we lead meetings differently in an all-virtual setting?
  4. What are some best practices for virtual meeting setup & attendance?

Join us and get a chance to ask your questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar.