#AskIMPACT – Live 30min Q&A Series

We’re bringing back our #askIMPACT series with live 30 minute Q&A sessions, hosted by one of our experienced Impact Coaches. Our coaches combine their years of experience coaching and working with our top clients to share their insights on how they and our clients would tackle these challenges.

What You’ll Get:

Join us as our coaches answer the top questions on the most common coaching objectives our clients are facing during times of uncertainty. We’ll end each session with 10 minutes of audience questions and follow up with helpful resources.

Upcoming Session Topics:

  1. Maintaining the Client Connection During Times of Uncertainty
  2. Healthy Work-From-Home Habits to Start Now
  3. Managing Stress Through Times of Uncertainty, as a Leader
  4. Thinking Strategically During Times of Uncertainty
  5. Effective Virtual Meetings & Best Practices