Managing Stress Through Times of Uncertainty, as a Leader

Thank you to everyone who attended our third #AskIMPACT session, ‘Managing Stress Through Times of Uncertainty, as a Leader.’
Host: Jennifer Card

Key Learnings from the Session:

  • Play to your strengths when leading under stress. Self-reflect on what you do well and lean into that. Trust in your capabilities.
  • Take on a growth mindset and give yourself permission to make mistakes. Allow yourself to be imperfect and learn from your experience.
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Show up authentically with your team. If you are transparent about your own challenges, they may open up as well. Use this opportunity to build trust.
  • Be kind to yourself and make self-care a priority. It’s okay not to have all the answers as a leader. Remember to go easy on yourself and the people around you. Take a walk, meditate, or think about what you are grateful for to help manage your stress.
  • Encourage others around you to step up as leaders. Find opportunities for people in the workplace to lead and have ownership. As a leader, we need to take off our manager’s hat and let others come to us with solutions.

Stay tuned for our next #AskIMPACT session.

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