The Impact home team brings the following attributes:

  • Qualifications Our home team members have various degrees and work experience that make them uniquely qualified for their role.
  • Team players Our home team members work together to support our clients and coaches on large scale programs involving multiple
  • Passion for coaching Our home team members understand the importance of coaching and passionately apply that to their specific role.
  • Service excellence Our home team members demonstrate honesty, integrity, and respect while going above and beyond for our clients and
  • Loyalty and commitment Our environment is built on trust. We invest a great deal in our clients and coaches.

Program Coordination

Our program coordinators ensure we meet and exceed all expectations when delivering large scale programs. They organize, implement and execute programs, and work with our Account Leads to keep our clients updated on progress. They also work with our coaches to ensure they meet each deliverable, and gather feedback and insights to share with our clients.


Our Director of Operations and Accounting Specialist work closely together to maximize the effectiveness of our home team on program delivery. They oversee strategic planning, operations and finances. They are responsible for managing and implementing strategic initiatives to support our business growth plans.


Our marketing team is responsible for and oversee the promotion of our brand and service offerings. They continuously communicate the value of using coaching strategically to deliver business results. They work with our clients and coaches to develop and design innovative programs.


Our talent team is responsible for attracting and retaining the best people to work in our business. On every engagement, they are committed to match each client with the right coaches based on expertise, location and industry specialization.

Clients by Segments

We take the time to build relationships with our clients and understand how their business and industry works.

We have years of experience working with diverse groups and complex organizations.