I serve on the board of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Toronto Chapter. We held our annual coaching conference in February this year. The theme of the conference was ELEVATE.

As I sat through the conference of more than 200 coaches listening to our wonderful speakers, I reflected on the theme and what it means for leaders and coaches.

In my work coaching leaders, one of the key challenges I observe is for the leaders to operate at a level appropriate for their role. And often, for them to operate at a higher level, the leaders need to work on building a fully developed team that is capable of running with things and getting stuff done independently. And this requires strict discipline and consistent effort.

  • The discipline to delegate new and interesting work assignments to your team rather than executing them on your own to save time. Remember, 70% of what people learn, they learn through experience. By doing the work for them, you rob them of the opportunity to learn and grow.
  • The discipline to take the time, to provide regular feedback, and to coach and develop them, even with your own full schedule.
  • Demonstrating trust in their ability to deliver high quality results.
  • Acknowledging and appreciating them for their contribution and hard work.
  • Creating a cohesive team environment where people leverage each other readily while working towards a common vision or goal.

As the team gains the confidence and capability to operate at a higher level, the leader also moves up inevitably.

If we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to be where we have always been. We need to ELEVATE to ELEVATE.

In closing, I would like to leave you with two questions to reflect on:

  • How did you elevate someone else in the past month?
  • How did you elevate yourself in the past month?

As a coach, I help leaders elevate themselves, but do you know how coaches ensure that they continue to elevate themselves?

Stay tuned to learn more in my next blog.

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