Trusted Advisor

Trust is the single most powerful factor driving business relationships. It is the foundation for high-performing teams and strong client relationships. We have partnered with Trusted Advisor Associates so we can help you build strong and effective professional relationships that build the foundation for longer-term clients and bigger contracts. Depending on your business objectives, we offer a customized approach that can range from a one-day session to a broader program. For maximum results, we can even integrate this program with one of our other coaching programs to embed concepts and behaviour change.

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  • Accelerated business growth through identifying new opportunities with clients
  • Improved client relationships by increasing the level of partnership between you and your clients
  • Heightened innovation through new sales techniques that focus on helping not selling
  • Enhanced team effectiveness by cultivating trust amongst your team members to build strong working relationships

Feedback from clients on Trusted Advisor Associates

“We became convinced that just working harder to improve our top line wasn’t enough, that we had to change our attitudes and beliefs as well. [Trusted Advisor Associates and The Trusted Advisor book] were instrumental in changing our mindsets as to how you work with clients and build trust. The results were terrific.”

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