Strategic Partnership

Our strategic partnership allows organizations and leaders to partner with us to develop their talent. We can be your ‘in-house’ talent management resource.

We can work inside your organization to manage your talent and design programs customized to your business objectives. Together, we can plan for succession, identify high potentials, ensure your diverse talent succeed and steer themselves and your people in the right direction.


  • An external partner who you can work with to develop talent
  • Regular comprehensive reporting on status and insights by areas and levels
  • Better understanding of your high potentials and a plan on maximizing their success
  • Measurement on talent investment return

Feedback from clients

“Impact is my ‘go to organization’ when it comes to helping me grow my most important asset - our people.”

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    #askIMPACT: The Narcissist

    Sami was one of the best interviews that Marleen had ever conducted. She was so impressed with his ability to articulate his strengths, experience, and qualities for what made him the best selection for the job. Marleen got her colleague, Arjun, to conduct a second interview and Arjun felt the same. He felt Sami might…

    #askIMPACT: The Power Personality

    Jenna was beginning to dread going to work. Her new boss was challenging and intimidated her a little. He asked very pointed questions during their meetings, and while she always tried to come to meetings prepared, she got the sense that he seemed gratified knowing when he asked her a question she couldn’t answer. Jenna…

    #askIMPACT: The Perfectionist

    Raquel, Lawrence’s boss, knows that everything Lawrence does is completed with utmost diligence; it is rare anything is missed and the quality of the work is top-notch. Lawrence is seen as a hard worker. Sure, sometimes Lawrence and his team can be found working late into the night, but Raquel likes having Lawrence on the…

    The Five-Step Approach To Fixing Employee Morale

    Picture this: You’re a leader and you just received your employee attitude survey back. You scan through the results and your heart sinks — all you see are sad faces, negative slopes, dropped scores and red, lots of red. All you want to do is turn things around, but where do you start? Putting in…