Career Accelerators

Whether you want to kick start or revamp your career, we can help you get the career you want. We can even help you maximize the next phase of your career. Wherever you are in your career, we have an effective program tailored specifically to your needs.

Kick Start Your Career – for those who are just starting out and looking for their first role.

  • Objectives met within 2-3 months
  • Cost effective program for those who want to invest in themselves
  • Customized career resources with support at each stage (job search, preparation, interview, start)
  • Enhanced professional image (resume, LinkedIn, presence)


Revamp Your Career – for those who want to transition into a new role or industry.

  • Enhanced value proposition
  • Customized assessment to assess potential fit in the new role or industry
  • Improved confidence to take on a new career path
  • Revamped professional image (resume, LinkedIn, presence)


Maximize the Next Phase of Your Career – for those who want to explore the next stage of their life and transition into a post-work environment.

  • Opportunity for those who want to reinvent themselves and their career
  • Access to a team of coaches and targeted labs to tap into different perspectives
  • Targeted plan for the next phase aligned with their core needs, values and purpose
  • Customized outplacement resources with support at each stage (exit, exploration, reinvention, new role)

Feedback from clients

“My Impact Coach helped me gain confidence and prepared me well for my new role. I’ll definitely be back in touch with my coach down the road when I’m looking for career advice.”

“I felt stuck. I wasn’t sure how I could make the transition. Working with Impact changed that for me. After a few months, I landed the role in the industry I’ve always wanted to work in.”

“This is not your average outplacement. This is much more than that. It’s about aligning my core values with the work I am doing. I now enter the next stage of my life with a concrete plan and the right support to move forward.”

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    #askIMPACT: The Narcissist

    Sami was one of the best interviews that Marleen had ever conducted. She was so impressed with his ability to articulate his strengths, experience, and qualities for what made him the best selection for the job. Marleen got her colleague, Arjun, to conduct a second interview and Arjun felt the same. He felt Sami might…

    #askIMPACT: The Power Personality

    Jenna was beginning to dread going to work. Her new boss was challenging and intimidated her a little. He asked very pointed questions during their meetings, and while she always tried to come to meetings prepared, she got the sense that he seemed gratified knowing when he asked her a question she couldn’t answer. Jenna…

    #askIMPACT: The Perfectionist

    Raquel, Lawrence’s boss, knows that everything Lawrence does is completed with utmost diligence; it is rare anything is missed and the quality of the work is top-notch. Lawrence is seen as a hard worker. Sure, sometimes Lawrence and his team can be found working late into the night, but Raquel likes having Lawrence on the…