A new Business Unit Leader in a mid-size consulting firm was a gregarious people-person. He had risen quickly through the ranks due to his skill at landing large clients and expanding these mandates over time. While he knew how to effectively engage a team of employees and produce quality work, he had never led a very senior group of partners. He felt that he had the right instincts but needed a sounding board to sort out and prioritize his plans.

Our approach

  • Interviewed his team to assess his strengths and opportunities, and to learn more about the personalities of team members
  • Administered a Birkman and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI); and spent time with him to learn more about the business and discuss his strategy.
  • Worked with him to establish clear development objectives and a plan for his first 100 days in the role
  • Attended a team meeting and provided constructive feedback to him
  • Met regularly to discuss progress towards objectives, and remained on call for him to work through issues as needed


  • Our client is focused, has a clear plan for his team and business unit, and has earned the trust of his team members.
  • He feels supported, calm and confident about his plans.
  • He identifies and deals with issues effectively and in a timely fashion.
  • He has seen significant improvements in productivity and communication in his business unit.
  • He has doubled the size of his business.
  • He is in line to be promoted to an even more senior role.