Individual Coaching

Our strategic partnership allows organizations and leaders to partner with us to develop their talent. We can be your ‘in-house’ talent management resource. We can work inside your organization to manage your talent and design programs customized to your business objectives. Together, we can plan for succession, identify high potentials, ensure your diverse talent succeed and steer themselves and your people in the right direction.


Situation: Our client hired two direct-entry Partners. One appeared to be integrating well. From the beginning, she had some good solid work, was active in the market, and other Partners

Business Development

Situation: A group of high-potential associates in a large law firm had excelled in their professional careers because of their excellent work product. However, they required some coaching around building


Situation: A technically brilliant Partner in a mid-sized law firm spoke in a quiet monotone, peppered with “ummms”. She did not contribute frequently in client meetings and, when she did,

Team Effectiveness

Situation: A team of 10 individuals in an insurance company seemed to be doing “okay” as a group, but had no unified vision, struggled through boring meetings, didn’t tend to


Situation: A Partner in a mid-size accounting firm was seen as a tremendous talent but found herself regularly working 14-hour days and still struggling to get everything done.


Situation A new Business Unit Leader in a mid-size consulting firm was a gregarious people-person. He had risen quickly through the ranks due to his skill at landing large clients