It’s Time For Organizations To Ascend The Pandemic’s Change Curve

It’s Time For Organizations To Ascend The Pandemic’s Change Curve by Sandra Oliver, Forbes Councils Member.

How To Safely And Strategically Bring Employees Back To The Office

As we enter the tail end of summer, nations around the world are debating whether or not to send their children back to school in the middle of a pandemic.

The New Normal Is Not Normal (But You Can Still Work Through It)

Before COVID-19, anxiety disorders affected 18.1% of American adults. However, according to a recent survey, levels of clinical anxiety have jumped to 40% during the pandemic.

How Leaders Can Save Their Businesses And Avoid Burnout At The Same Time

The current pandemic has seriously strained international healthcare systems and burnout threatens doctors and nurses on the frontlines. Business leaders are at similar risk.

Four Ways Coaching Can Be Useful Amid Organizational Change

When I tell people that I am a coach and that I run a coaching firm, their first reaction is often something like, “Oh I know someone who can use your help.” I hear stories about people dealing with bad bosses, people who hate their jobs, people who really want a promotion but haven’t yet gotten one, the list goes on.

How To Preserve Morale While Setting Up An Effective Whistleblower Process

Each year, the coaches in my company speak with many leaders who have been involved in a whistle blowing process. The trend seems to be growing as more companies are adopting whistle blowing processes and more staff are becoming inclined to use them.

The Five-Step Approach To Fixing Employee Morale

Picture this: You’re a leader and you just received your employee attitude survey back. You scan through the results and your heart sinks — all you see are sad faces, negative slopes, dropped scores and red, lots of red. All you want to do is turn things around, but where do you start?

When Does ‘Yes’ Mean ‘No?’

Let’s say that you are from the U.S. but on an overseas assignment working with people from a different culture. And let’s say that you have just finished a productive meeting and agreed upon a list of action items that will be taken.

How to Make Partner

In my 20 years of working with professionals, there are 3 things that consistently matter in making partner. Most people think that the only thing that matters is revenue targets but that is not the case. For most firms, revenue is only one part of the three-legged stool.

Leading with Impact – Being a Practice Leader is Tough, Really Tough

Leadership is tough no matter where you work. Let’s face it, work is a complex place and getting more complex every day. Expectations of leaders are high. Management literature has ensured that.