HBR – Innovate with Urgency, Even When There Is No Crisis

In the past few months, we’ve seen a stark contrast between the modest pace of typical change management projects and the rapid innovation that is stimulated by a crisis.

INC – How to Stay Creative When Your Team Is Working Remotely

The 90-year-old Radio Flyer factory in Chicago is an exemplar of onsite innovation. Brainstorming takes place in the Engine Room, which is awash in whiteboards and Post-it notes.

Podcast – HBR Ideacast – Adapting Negotiations to a Remote World

Leigh Thompson, professor at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, studies negotiations to understand the path to the “sweet spot” where all sides of the table come away happy. And she says there are more pitfalls on that path when more of us are working remotely and online.

Podcast – The Economist – The Pandemic Has Shown There’s Another Way of Organizing White Collar: The Future of the Office

THE PANDEMIC has been a giant experiment in working from home. We examine whether workers are happier and more productive using Zoom in their pyjamas than commuting in a suit.