Impact-Coaches Inc.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the coaching organization that business leaders turn to when they want to excel.

We enable organizations to optimize their talent through coaching.

We elevate the performance of today’s leaders and support the growth of tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Mission

We work with business leaders and their teams to help them increase their effectiveness and achieve their goals.

We attract the best coaches and provide challenging work that drives the personal and professional growth of our team.

Evolution of Impact-Coaches Inc.

Business Results. Professional Success.

In 2003, Sandra Oliver left behind a very successful HR career and negotiated her first coaching contract with twenty leaders at a large professional services firm, marking the genesis of Impact-Coaches Inc. (Impact). This shift came after Sandra’s mentor encouraged her to follow her passion around managing talent and developing leaders. Business coaching was a relatively new industry and she envisioned its importance to large organizations moving forward. This entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of Impact’s culture.

The vision quickly flourished into a viable business.

Impact sought out skilled coaches to join its team. We expanded our footprint into the US. As many emergent coaching entities faltered during the financial crisis around 2008, Impact continued to grow, a testament to its already strong brand and customer loyalty. We retained clients and increased investment in coaches and a strong corporate support center which we call the “Home Team”.

A turning point for Impact is when the same client that Sandra negotiated her first contract with, asked us to manage a large scale coaching program with over 40 individuals. Not only did we meet this demand, but we were able to continue to run this program year after year with outstanding results and phenomenal feedback.

We now specialize in large scale coaching programs. By mobilizing a team of coaches, we coach client teams as well as one on one engagements, balancing a connection between organizational needs and individual success – a distinct competitive advantage over our industry peers.

Today we have a team of coaches across North America. Our Home Team has moved into an office building in downtown Toronto. We continue to make key investments to support delivery of our coaching programs to our clients. With this support from the center we continue to attract very skilled coaches who choose Impact as their “go to” coaching organization.

Our strength continues to be our ability to establish and maintain productive client relationships. This longevity instills great confidence: it affords us the privilege of being a part of long-term results for our clients. We take tremendous pride in our ability to engender positive change in the corporate world. We look forward to upholding our reputation of inspiring growth and initiating success as we forge ahead with our future goals.